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Buying a Franchise


There are many reasons for considering a franchise. Maybe your job no longer motivates you, maybe it doesn't pay well enough, or maybe it just doesn't exist anymore. Perhaps you have the ambition and desire to be your own boss - to run your own business. Setting up your own business is a daunting prospect – there is all the background investigating, all the 'unknowns' and 'uncertainties'. That's where we think we may be able to help.

Franchising is a business arrangement where the owner of a business (the franchisor) supplies a proven business concept to an operator (the franchisee) who then has use of the name and product. In effect, we've done all the hard work for you – we've tested the market, sourced the best products, made and learnt from the mistakes.

Remember though, franchising is not a soft option – we will provide a tried and tested business , but you will still have to work hard, especially in the beginning, to make the best of the opportunity. Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Do you have the motivation, determination and support from your family and friends?

In relation to any other small business, franchising has proved to be the most successful, with 96% of units still operating profitable businesses 5 years down the line. Only 66% of small firms survive the first 3 years (Small Business Service 2005).

If you want to work for yourself, look for a market that you will enjoy. Carry out as much research as possible. Obtain independent professional financial and legal advice. Then seek out the franchise with the edge.

Caravan Medic. It's a great business. Come and join in our success.

Request a free information pack and dvd, and take the first steps to building yourself a brighter future - Click here to contact us.

Or telephone us on 08080 373737 and arrange to visit our training centre and see for yourself exactly what goes on. Spend time in our purpose built workshop with our experienced technicians. Even have a go yourself! We wouldn't expect you to purchase our franchise without knowing what it entails; after all, you wouldn't buy a car without having a test drive.

We believe we offer the most comprehensive franchise repair package available in the market place today. We understand that everybody learns and acquires new skills at their own pace, which is why we offer an open-ended training programme. We don't limit you to a two or three week training session. Setting up your own business is always going to be an expensive venture, so we keep costs as low as possible ensuring you start making profit at the earliest opportunity. We do not insist you lease a costly van, but instead can assist you in sourcing your own suitable vehicle.

A Caravan Medic franchise costs just £16,995 + vat. We don't do 'add ons' - the price includes EVERYTHING you need, from corporate clothing to van livery, all equipment, marketing materials, and all the on-going training, support and technical assistance you could wish for...

We do not subject you to any on-going royalty fees, taking a percentage of all your profits. Instead, you pay a weekly license fee of just £25 + vat.

For further information, or to discuss available options, please contact Caravan Medic on 08080 373737, or register your interest here.

Special Offers

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Next Steps

For further information about purchasing a franchise, please fill in the form on our Contact Us page or call us FREE on 08080 37 37 37.